Resell Your Timeshare through Ocean Wind Realty
At Ocean Wind Realty we have a track record of getting results. Our goal is to get our sellers the BEST price the market will bear. We do this by continually evaluating the market, educating the consumers, and encouraging sellers to price their vacation intervals at competitive prices.

Ocean Wind Realty is Here to Help you Sell Your Timeshare
Our company developed out of our desire and commitment to help timeshare owners resell their units. Developers are uninterested in taking back unwanted timeshares from current owners due to the risk of jeopardizing their new sales. This is why Ocean Wind Realty operates to help owners sell their units in the resale market.

Located in Waikiki with Many Affiliates
Ocean Wind Realty is very well situated with an office in Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue. We are happy to welcome drop-ins. We also have affiliations with local and national brokerage firms, increasing the chances of a sale.


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