What is home resort and home week reservation? (HGV timeshare)

What is home resort?

When you purchase a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare, you own a specific unit size in a specific resort (building). More specifically, it’s the type of view (e.g. ocean view), room (e.g. 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom etc) and season (platinum or gold).

Home Week Priority Booking

You have priority in booking the specific type of unit you own, during either the platinum or gold season for a 7 night stay. The Home Week priority booking window starts 365 days (12 months) before your desired check-in date and ends 6 months or 9 months prior to check-in date. There is no reservation fee to make a Home Week booking.

In order to make a Home Week priority reservation, you must have the entire points allotted in that year. Also, Home Week reservation will be for the exact unit you own as a home resort (bound to building, unit size, view, and season).

Home Week Reservation Priority Booking Window

Home Week priority booking window varies depending on the resort. Here is the booking window for Oahu Hilton resorts.

Grand Waikikian / Lagoon Tower / Kalia Tower:
12 months and 9 months before desired check in date

Hokulani /Grand Islander:
12 months and 6 months before desired check in date

* Please bear in mind that some ownership are Annual and others are Even Years or Odd Years only.

Home Week Use Example

Here is an example of ownership:

HGV, Grand Waikikian
1 bedroom unit
Garden View
Platinum Season
Float (Not a fixed week ownership)
Every Year
11,520 points

Say you own the above property and you wish to make a Home Week priority reservation. During the priority booking window, you are able to book a 1 bedroom unit, garden view at Grand Waikikian during a platinum season. Please bear in mind that reservations are made on a first come first served basis, so it is advised to make the reservation as soon as the booking window opens. With the above ownership, you will use the entire 11,520 points that was allotted to you in 2023 to make a Home Week reservation. Club Points that are borrowed or rescued cannot be used for a Home Week priority reservation.


Seasons at Hilton

Here is Hilton’s season calendar you can download (calendar shows Saturday check in dates).

Grand Waikikian / Lagoon Tower / Kalia Tower / Hokulani
Saturday check in, Saturday check out

Grand Islander:
Friday check in, Friday check out

Club Reservation

While I won’t delve into the details of the Club Reservations in this article, I would like to mention that this a more flexible way to make a booking at HGV resorts. You can use a part (or all if it requires all of the points) of your allotted points to make a booking after the Home Week Priority booking window closes. There is a HGV booking fee to make a Club Reservation (online: $64, phone: $119).