A guide to views and points

Today, we would like to write about the “views” of timeshare units.

In our listing database of resale timeshares, you will see the view listed under the category Type.
(Some resorts do not have view types so it may be blank.)
Here is a list of abbreviations and what they each mean.

OV = Ocean View
POV = Partial Ocean View
GV = Garden View

Points will depend on the actual view the unit has. For instance with Hilton, points accrued each year will differ depending on whether you have an ocean view or a garden view unit. Direct developer’s price of the unit will be higher for ocean view units. The same goes for timeshare resales. Ocean view units in Marriot are also more expensive than mountain view units.

While actual selling price of an ocean view unit is more expensive than a non ocean view timeshare unit, maintenance fees do not differ according to the view. So ocean view and garden view units in Hilton will have the same maintenance fee as long as they are both same bedroom types (i.e. 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, penthouse). So if you divide the points by maintenance fee, ocean view units offer a better value for money than non ocean view units.

Although ocean view units are very attractive during the day, mountain view units have a fantastic night view of the city. So depending on how you will be spending your time in your timeshare, mountain view units may be more attractive to you. For instance, if you plan to drive and explore the island for the most part of your stay, then mountain view may be more suitable for you.