Buying a timeshare through the resale market

Until the mid 1990s, most buyers bought timeshare intervals directly from the resort developer such as Hilton, Marriot or Wyndham. The resale market began growing and now, because of the internet, buyers have more access to a variation of information and increased options for purchasing a timeshare.

Today, many will tell you that the best way to buy a timeshare is through the resale market. The main reason behind this is simply that resales cost considerably less than those offered by timeshare resort developers. Resale timeshares are about 30% to 50% below developer prices.

Timeshare is one of the only real estate assets that depreciates immediately upon purchasing, like the same way a new automobile depreciate. However, there are usually no or very few qualitative differences between timeshare units of that same size with amenities.