Hilton Timeshare Reservation Types

There are mainly three types of reservations at Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

Hilton Home Week Reservation (9 months – 12 months)
If you are looking to use your timshare in the resort you hold the ownership for and
you’d like to stay for an entire week, checking in on Saturday,
then you are able to make a reservation from as early as 1 year in advance of your check in date.
The home week reservation applies up until 9 months prior to the check in date.
Home week researvations do not any reservation fees.

Hilton Club Reservation (45 days – 9 months)
With your Club points, you are able to make a reservation in resorts other than your timeshare ownership. With Club Reservation, you can pick any day of the week. You can also stay however long as you like (minimum 3 night stay). Each resort has a point chart which dictates how many points you will need per night/week depending on the season and type. You can use the Club Reservation system from 9 months prior to your check out date up until 45 days prior to check out date. Reservatoin fee is $52 online (changeable option) and $72 (non-changeable option) or $99 (changeable option) over the phone (correct as of 2015).

Hilton Open Season Reservation (1 day – 30 days)
You can use the Open Season system from 30 days prior to your check out date and up until 1 day prior to check in date. The minum stay required is two nights. You can either use your Club points or pay cash. If paying cash, depending on the season, studios are usually availale for $70-$120 per night, 1 bedroom units for $100-$300, 2 bedrooms for $150-$450, 3 bedroom units for $200-$500 per night.

Hilton Hokulani:
Hokulani offers a slightly different Home Week Reservation perior. With Hokulani you may make a reservation as a Home Week Reservation between 6-12 months prior to your check in date. Club reservation therefore applies to 1-6 months prior to the check out date.

By understanding and using the reservation types, you are able to make the most out of your timeshare.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experienced agent Taka Nakayama at 808-748-1550 or message us using our contact form.