Hilton timeshare guide: seasons, points etc

Seasons at Hilton Grand Vacation Club

Timeshare resort units are subdivided into 52 separate units of time (52 weeks in 1 year), each week sold separately and usually sold to a maximum of 51 owners. Each owner of a timeshare unit would own a deeded interest in 1/51 of the unit, which represents one week of ownership every year or every odd/even year.

Hilton divides the 52 weeks into two different seasons:
Platinum (1-18 weeks, 23-35 weeks, 42-52 weeks)
Gold Season (19-22 weeks, 36-41 weeks)

Simply put, Platinum season is high season (summer/christmas time etc) and Gold season is low season.
Our listing database of timeshare resales, will show you which season each ownership is allocated.

If you have a gold season timeshare as recorded on the deed, you can only make a home week reservation during gold season and therefore unable to make a reservation during Platinum season. The same goes for Platinum season holders. Home Week reservation is a type of reservation you make with your very own resort building (cannot be applied to other resort buildings) and it is available from as early as 1 year from the check-in date.

In addition, the total Club points you earn differ according the season associated with your timeshare ownership.
Let’s take an example: If you have a Grand Waikikian 2 Bedroom Ocean View unit, you will earn 14,400 points if the season associated with the deed is Platinum, if it is Gold, then you get 10,500 points.
The number of points is relatively irrelevant when using the Home Week reservation system. However if you are using the Club points to reserve a resort other than your own, the more points you have, the longer you are able to stay. We will touch upon the topic of reservation types in a separate article.

Maintenance fee
Maintenance fee does not depend on the season type but is determined by the size of the timeshare you own (i.e. 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom). So for instance, the maintenance fee for a 2 bedroom interval in Lagoon Tower is exactly the same for both Platinum and Gold.

Depending on your lifestyle and traveling preferences, considering which season to own is an important process of purchasing a timeshare in Hawaii.

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