The pros of timeshares in Hawaii

Ocean Wind Realty specializes in timeshare resales in Hawaii and we are here to help you find the right timeshare for you. But before purchasing a timeshare, it is important to understand the pros of having a timeshares.

So why is timeshare so great?
Here’s why.

1. Having a timeshare means you have a second home at a fraction of the cost of buying an entire house or a condo. You also do not need to worry about maintaining you house/condo as your resort company will take care of that (with your annual maintenance fee).

2. It is very economical to use timeshares for your vacations. It is especially so with timeshares in Hawaii. Hotels in Hawaii are raising their hotel rates at an extremely fast pace.

3. Since you will most likely have annual points accrued by the resort company, you are able to stay in a range of timeshares across the globe and even hotels if you utilize points exchange services.

4. Timeshares offers more spacious and luxurious environment than hotels. Hotels are often just one bedroom with very little space to feel comfortable in. Timeshare units are usually spacious, featuring a kitchen, allowing you to feel at home, away from home.