Four reasons to buy a Kingsland timeshare

Four reasons why many timeshare owners buy a unit in Kings Land on Oahu, Hawaii.

1. Wanted to buy more than 9,000 points
2. Maintenance fee for Las Vegas units are very affordable but units only carry 7,000 points.
3. The purchase fee of Kings Land is so much lower than Grand Waikikian
4. Those who buy Kings Land do not make use of home week reservations, they make club season reservations so there is no need to purchase a Waikiki based timeshare unit.

In addition, when you are in need of a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature and would like to enjoy the luxurious golf culture in Waikoloa, Kings Land is the perfect place to be.

The other day we a couple of Kings Land buyers visit our office. They were a retired couple and they had just stayed in Kings Land for three weeks enjoying golf and relaxing in general. You could tell they truely enjoyed their stay in Kings Land.

Many timeshare resale buyers nowadays do their homework prior to purchasing a timeshare unit.
We hope this piece of information has been helpful in choosing the right type of timeshare unit for you and your family.

If you would like further advice on choose the right timeshare, we are only a phone call away!