Buy from resort or resale market? What’s the difference.

The single one question that everybody asks is: What is the difference between buying a timeshare from the resort company / developer and from the resale market?

The difference varies depending on the resort company. For instance with Hilton, there are two diferences. The first difference is that Hilton will not trade in your timeshare unit when upgrading.

The other difference is that you are not able to become an Elite member. To become an Elite member today, you would have to purchase a timeshare worth over 82,000 dollars directly from Hilton Grand Vacation Club and attain over 14,000 points every year. Points that you attain from timeshares purchased in the resale market will not count towards an Elite membership. All other benefits are the same as direct timeshare buyers.

There are also buyers who worry about additional limitations to the benefits of a current resale timeshare owners. All buyers who have purchased a timeshare in the past will enjoy the benefits promised at the time of ownership transfer.