Member privileges if buying from timeshare resale market

Buying a timeshare from the resale market may limit your member privileges.  For instance, with Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC), for those who have bought a timeshare directly from HGVC, if you have a total of 14,000 annual points, you will be granted an ELITE status. However if you have bought a timeshare from the resale market, you will not be granted an ELITE status. Also, with HGVC, Hilton will not upgrade your timeshare if you have bought it from the resale market.
Another example would be how Marriot and Starwood will not allow resale timeshare buyers to make a hotel exchange. Also, if you buy a Marriot timeshare, no points will be granted. In addition, Disney resale timeshare buyers are not able to exchange their points to Disney Cruise.

Usage rights do NOT differ between new-time buyers from resort companies and resale buyers. Such rights include:

Allocated room (if any)
Fixed week (if any)
Annual maintenance fee
Owner obligations
Reservation method
Inheritance rights

You may also resell your timeshare that you bought through the resale market in the future.