Six reasons why timeshares are better than hotels

Here are six reasons why staying at a timeshares is better than a hotel room. While it may at times be challenging to take reservations on the days you’d like to stay or you may find that the maintenance fee may not be as affordable as you’d like it to be, there are many reasons why owning a timeshare overcomes such disadvantages.

If you are considering to purchase a timeshare, we would like you to take this opportunity to consider these perks.

1. Since you have access to a kitchen, it is possible to have a healthy vacation by cooking your usual meals.
2. If booking a comparable suite type hotel room, owning a timeshare is so much more economical.
3. Living rooms and bedrooms are so spacious in timeshare units, while hotel rooms can feel claustrophobic due to very little room space.
4. Since you have access to a washing machine and a dryer with a timeshare, you are able to wash your clothes during your stay.
5. You can invite your families and friends to your timeshare providing you more joy to your holiday!
6. A timeshare unit is so much for suitable for large families with children as some units are a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom layout.

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